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As you shop for Sedona web design or Sedona web hosting provider, we know you want an affordable solution. However, low cost does not have to mean sacrificing reliability and quality of service. Our web design and hosting team is committed to consistently delivering high quality, reliable web hosting and web design services at a very reasonable cost.

Our Control Panel: With our award winning web hosting package (cPanel), you can manage your domain with virtually no web experience. We provide all the applications you need in one place. Plus we offer prompt, friendly customer service. We actually care about the success of your business. Please see the dozens of free features and self-install applications such as Zen Cart, OSCommerce, bulletin boards, web calendars, blogs, classifieds, etc.

Within cPanel, a domain owner has all the tools they need to create an impressive web presence. They can add mail accounts, access their files, use website builders, a blog to their site, and a whole lot more. Every person who has a mail account on a cPanel domain has access to webmail, spam filtering, message filter, and many more settings so they can get a great mail experience. Be in control of your site any time, anywhere!

We offer free Paypal shopping cart. See sample. Need experts to get your site to the top of search engines? Email us.

A Few of our Web Hosting Features

• Webmail
• Email Administrator
• Web Site Promotion
• Guest Book
• Ecommerce
• Web Site Wizard
  • Free SSL (secure)
• Stats packages
• Free Shopping Cart
• Audio/Video Ready
• PHP 5, MySQL
• Free Support

Click here to view a complete list of our web hosting features.

Our Servers: We use state-of-the-art, highly optimized servers. Each server is equipped with at least 32 GB of RAM and very lightly CP loaded to ensure fast serving of your content. We run a 1 Gbps switched Ethernet, connecting finally to our high performance Cisco routers and our multiple high speed pipes to the net. Our servers run RedHat Linux and the award-winning Apache HTTP server software.

For maximum redundancy, nightly we mirror your site to a stand-by server in a different city, plus several times a week back up your site. In the unllikely event of a problem with your primary server, we can redirect your traffic to the stand-by server avoiding any significant downtime for your site.

We use a state-of-the-art carrier grade data center. Our high tech facility boasts many impressive features including multiple and redundant gigabit links to diverse backbone providers. Combined with BGP4 routing protocol, this cutting-edge routing technology maximizes the benefit of our connections to these diverse providers to ensure visitors to your site have the easiest time connecting to your site.

Most web hosting providers depend on lines from a single provider which can be easily crippled by the inevitable routing and congestion problems on the net. With our diverse multiple points of entry, we are much less susceptible to these types of service problems.

A sampling of our internet connectivity includes gigabit links from: Time Warner, Verio, Williams, MFN, Allegiance + connectivity from Saavis and ELI. All links are running on average at less than 50% capacity.

In addition to the impressive connectivity, our data center boasts both UPS and dual diesel generator power backup to ensure that external conditions do no impact the operation of your server. The data center is staffed 24x7 to ensure rapid responses to any and all technical issues.

Some hosts skimp and host both of your nameservers on one server. If that one server goes down, all of your DNS services would go offline, and no one would find your site. Our redundant configuration is not prone to such problems.

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Content Management Websites

Joomla! - Wordpress

No Web Skills Required!
We offer leading-edge, browser-based Content Management solutions that allow you to enter and update your site yourself. We set a design and layout for you—you do the rest. We also provide tutorials & phone support.

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